COVID19 Back To Work


With reference to NECA recommendation letter to all companies dated: NECA/LRT/A.1/2020 28th April 2020 to All its Member-Companies:

“COVID-19: A WORKPLACE GUIDE FOR EMPLOYERS” we will like to partner with you on your “Back to Work” plans as we all work towards ending the Corona Virus pandemic which continues to ravage economies with consequential effects on businesses, there are concerted global efforts to contain the Virus and flatten the curve.

While Nations are also putting in place strategies to commence economic activities, We are adopting the Association- Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association developed Guidelines, which has identified potentially applicable standards and general precautions.

This Guideline is aimed at assisting member-companies to take precautionary measures to prevent the contamination of their Workplace when the lock-down is relaxed and business activities resume. The Guideline (which truly is not exhaustive), could be used exclusively or as part of other precautionary Protocols already put in place by your Organization.

OUR RECOMMENDATION on Action to take could include, but not limited to:

Our recommendations in preparation for resumption of business activities, as it is expected that the business/work area would be free from all hazards that could expedite the spread of the Virus.

DISINFECTING SERVICES: Disinfecting and Cleaning of all surfaces, work-tools, general areas (Reception, car parks, restrooms, etc.). Ensure that high traffic work areas or frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected more often. Ensure that cleaning supplies are available for employees to self-clean and disinfect their workspaces. Fumigation of entire office area can also be added.- Talk to any member of our Sales team about our highly recommended “CoroX Disinfectant Surface Spray! It comes in 500ml Self Spray bottles for individual Staff workspaces and also comes in 4litre Gallons for Self Spray refills!

SANITIZER DISPENSERS: Provide access to hand-washing facilities and place hand sanitizing dispensers in prominent locations throughout the workplace.- Talk to us about our manual and automatic options to install at your entrances to easily dispense sanitizer! And ofcourse our liquid Sanitizer to refill the dispensers too

MOBILE HAND WASHING STATIONS: Establishment of hand-wash/disinfecting area for visitors, clients and vendors.- Talk to us about our Foot pedal Handwash station made from 100% recycled materials!


While all employees should continue to practice social distancing and personal hygiene, employers also need to take additional measures to protect the workplaces and employees, who are providing essential services.

PPE ITEMS: Provide employees with necessary personal protective equipment recommended by Government guidelines and training to ensure it is used correctly. Ensure everyone entering into your office premises or the workplace has a face mask on. Use of Personal Protective Equipment (facemask, gloves, etc). Non usage should attract strict penalties.- Hand gloves, Face masks in different types are available.

HAND SANITIZERS: Ensure staff always carry an alcohol-based hand sanitize and also have at every entrance and office space. Our Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers come in various sizes- 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1litre, 4litre and guess what? Sanitizers can be branded with your Brand logo!

DISINFECTING CHEMICALS: Provide the necessary disinfecting products for cash-handling and also to maintain a clean and safe workplace. Use appropriate disinfectants to clean items like your desk, work surface, phones, keyboards and electronics, cash registers, keypads, elevator buttons, customer service counters and restaurant tables more often, especially when visibly dirty.- Talk to us about our “CoroX Disinfectant Sprays”!

COMMUNICATION SIGNAGES ON HYGIENE & SAFETY: Place signages visibly and strategic to create and sensitize all on this Virus.

- Communication to staff and customers about COVID-19 and measures you are taking for prevention.
- Post signs asking ill clients or customers to stay away from the workplace.
- Post signs encouraging good respiratory hygiene, hand hygiene, and other healthy practices.
- Post signs on Social Distancing between Internal and External Clients

Talk to our Creative team for the most creative Signage designs to paste in your Offices today!

Finally, as we await your orders, we want to remind you to Evaluate your workplace for areas where people have frequent contact with each other and objects and Ensure increase in frequency of cleaning in these areas!.

We urge Employers to review and revisit all work-related policies in their organizations to join in this fight to end this pandemic, as we are on standby to provide all you need to meet all above recommendations.

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Please #StaySafe

Warm Regards,
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